Mu Torere, the Final test

Step 19.
Like last time, the program needs to be checked for syntax errors at each of the previous steps.

For Q & A (re-test all the steps each time corrections are needed);

A - Run the 'Mu Torere' program. Examine the menu, but do not try anything. Then exit the program.
Did it start cleanly? Was the menu correct? Was the program displaying correctly? Did the program exit cleanly?

B - Run the program. Select and then re-select the Colour Legend menu item. Select the 'Change User Colour' menu item and change the colour. Do the same with the 'Change Computer Colour' menu item. Select each of the pre-set AI level of effort menu items. Select the Custom AI Level menu item and change the value to the neighbourhood ( + / - the EPSILON that you picked ) of each pre-set level, selecting 'OK' each time and re-selecting the Custom AI Level dialog to select the next value. Exit the program and then re-start it. Examine the menu items again.
Did the Colour Legend display toggle (appear / disappear) along with the selection? Was the Colour Legend menu item checked at the same time as the Legend was displayed and unchecked when the Legend was NOT displayed? Did the colours of the proper pieces change as new colours were selected and were those colours the ones selected? Did the Colour Legend change as well and show the right colours?
Did the AI Level menu items check and uncheck as different levels were selected? Did the check mark follow the selection? Did the changing the AI Level with the Custom AI Level dialog do anything? Did the checkmark show when the custom value was in the neighbourhood?
When re-starting the program, did the colours match those selected during the last run? Does the Custom AI value match that from the last run?
And does the program start and exit cleanly?

C - Run the program. Set the AI level of effort to 'Off' or set the Custom AI Level to 0. Select points on; the Desktop, the program caption, the program's background, the program's empty location, all pieces owned by the Computer, each of the User owned pieces that CANNOT be moved legally (one of the middle ones), a User piece that CAN be moved legally. After the Computer moves, select points on; the program's background, the program's new empty location, all of the Computer's pieces, all of the User pieces that CANNOT legally move, and then the User piece that CAN legally move. Select the 'New' menu item and then exit the program.

Did the program move the expected legal pieces as expected and ONLY when a legal USER piece was selected? Was this behaviour repeated with the new positions? Did selecting 'New' reset the program to the initial positions?
Again, did the program start and exit cleanly?

D - Start the program again and play a few rounds. If the choice was made to NOT let the AI level of effort change after starting play, test that this is so. Continue until one side or the other wins. Try selected various points on the program to see if the program continues to move pieces. Select 'New' and continue playing with the AI 'Off' until the side that did not win, wins.

Did selecting a new AI level work? Did the winning side messages display correctly? Did the program stop playing at this point?
Again, did the program start and exit cleanly?

Step 20.
Re compile the program as 'Release'. Make sure that all options that appear under 'Debug' compiling are no longer availible.

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