Wine Post - Teusner Jousha 2005

What can I say but rant and rave, rant and rave?
An extraordinary red wine. The nose is a little sharp (can I say spicy?) with a lot berry and some vanilla. The taste of the wine fills the mouth with lots of fruit (I just cannot identify it). And while it does have some eucalyptus, among other things) at the back of the mouth, there is a very long finish of vanilla.

Since the vineyard is marketing the Joshua 2006 vintage, I'd better grab the '05 while I can

Ed: Raspberries, red Raspberries!! That was the fruit that I was tasting!


Wine of the Day - Ciro, Rosso Classico

A dark red wine, Ciro starts off with caramel and fig overtones and has a nice warm finish. One point of interest, the grape used in this wine also made the wine that Greece imported way, way, WAY back when Greece was establishing colonies on the Italian peninsula.
Still a very good, solid table red.

PS. Cherry. Did I mention cherry in the finish? There is a taste of cherries (dark cherries) in the finish that lingers a bit.


Wine of the Day - Palazzo Della Torre

A dry red wine, light enough for the heat of summer but has enough body to hold its own with grilled or braised meals. Lots of woody aromas for the nose with floral notes, the taste is more a blend between herbs and currants with some oak coming out at the back of the tongue.

This wine is unusual in that some of the grapes used are dried for three months before blended with the rest of the harvest.