Today's Wine Domaine du Loou, Espirit de Blancs

Domaine du Loou, Espirit de Blancs is a nice crisp wine from Provence. Its taste of green apple will complement curries and satay dishes. The residual sugars will go nicely with any spicy dish, but don't serve this wine with intense tomato based chilies.

Recommended meal: Fine Cooking's Best of issue, Spring/Summer 2007's Thai Marinated Roast Chicken with Lemongrass-Peanut Pan Sauce with Bon Appetit's June 2007 issue's Strawberry-Blueberry Summer Pudding for dessert. In order to get more sauce for the chicken recipe, I would recommend that a quarter cup of chicken broth be added to the roasting pan, either for the basting for just for scrapping up the drippings.

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